Saturday, September 18, 2010

Our Wedding Day!!

Hi, my name is Shawn Ware and this is my very first post so I figured I would start it off with the BEST day of my life...MY WEDDING DAY!!! We had a few minor glitches in our day but all in all it was such a beautiful day! I tried to narrow down and only pick my favorite pictures but it was too hard to decide...i mean what can i say!?! I think everyone has a hard time picking their favorite pictures from their special day. So this post may seem a little long but I hope you enjoy it as much as I did and still do :) I love this!

I think this is my favorite picture of me in my dress..we decided not to get bridal portraits and take engagement pictures instead, so I think this picture makes up for not having them done!

This is my husband Darris...isn't he handsome!!

We decided to see each other before the ceremony to help make things more relaxed..this is our first time to see each other that was such a great moment!

My bouquet!

Darris waiting on me with my bouquet!


The site had these really cute old cabins that made the perfect backdrops in our pictures! I just loved them :)

Darris made this sign and placed it at the entrance so that people saw it as they came up the drive! I knew he would do a good job on this task..anything that involves wood, hammer, nails etc. he's happy to do!


This is my Mom and Dad
Thanks so much for all the hard work you guys put into making our day so special!! I love you!

Darris' parents

This is my sister Shannon and her husband Jason with their kids Jackson and Hudson!!

This is Darris' sister Laura with her husband Bo and their little one Briggs!

This is Jackson!! Isn't he just the cutest thing you've ever seen!?! He was soo good that day :) I was a little worried how he would make it through such a long day of pictures and then the wedding but he was loving it...the attention he got probably helped a little bit too!

Look at that smile :)


Thank you guys for helping make our day so great!
My matron of honor/sister Shannon...She looked so pretty!
I love you Shannon and thank you for supporting Darris and me on our special day!

My best friend Shelly!


My sister-in-law Laura :)


Darris with my beautiful bridesmaids

The boys!

Our cute shoe picture!!
Laura, Shelly, Holly, ME, Ashley and Shannon

My Mom and me waiting for the ceremony!!

Our wedding party prayed around us before we had our first kiss as a married couple! It was such a sweet moment and very special to me :)

This is our beautiful venue...with the lights on...unfortunately these lights weren't on during the entire ceremony due to someone striking a power line with their car just minutes before I walked down the isle...disappointing? YES! but i get SO many compliments on our "candlelight" ceremony..The power did come back on though about an hour before the reception was over..not only does a bride want to been seen walking down the isle on her wedding day but i think one of the most upsetting parts of having no power was that my Mom spent HOURS upon HOURS on all this detail!! I mean detail was everywhere...(you will see more below)


This is my Gorgeous dress!! I absolutely LOVED my dress...I think I surprised my family that I didn't choose anything "Blingy".. I was a little on the "Glitzy" side growing up so I think they thought I'd pick something a little more Fru-Fru!! I think this dress was ideal for the style we wanted :)

NEXT: The hair
Because I'm a hairstylist, I think this was probably the one thing I thought about the most..I tried a few styles before the big day and thought I had settled on one but I changed my mind the day of and wanted to do something different..scary?? Not for me because I have a great team of stylists at ELLA DAVID SALON that I didn't have to worry!!

This is the beautiful hair accessory I bought off of Etsy..and it matches the sash for my dress!

Another view of my hair from the back

Our wedding bands :)
I also got his ring off cool is that!?! We both love the outdoors so it's just so unique and perfect for him.

My bouquet...notice the bleached peacock feathers!!

This is what Darris wore

and this was for the groomsmen, Dads, and Jackson

and YES i wore my cowboy boots :)

The pillow my Mom made for Jackson, our ring bearer to carry..its made of burlap, with some twine, lace, old buttons and a bleached peacock feather

My birdcage veil from Etsy

The moss "W" that rested on top of the mantle..i just loved Mom and Dad worked so hard on this and it turned out beautifully!!

Little chalkboards for some of the tables

This is the guest seating board..once they came in, Bo helped them find their names with their table number on the back

A better picture of the board, look at the cute baby clothes pin!

This was hanging outside the main entrance door...My Mom made this as well...It's made out of a coat hanger and strips of burlap..throw some pearls and raffia on there and you've got a really cute shabby chic wreath!
I got this lamp at TJ Maxx several years ago and thought it would go great on our sign in table.... with the shabby style this adds a little touch of glam!

The sign in book,
once again my crafty Mom made this..obviously burlap, some vintage lace and a feather

Sign in pen

These were our Mom added a really neat touch and sewed down the side to bind the pages together. They turned out so cute!

Here is a full view of our sign in table!

One of our center pieces! I thought this would be neat to do because it shows the shabby chic style of our wedding..notice the square burlap placed in the middle of the table? I think we have a new found love for burlap!?

Just another center-piece

This is the menu for the reception!
I honestly think we had the best wedding food I have ever was delicious...if anyone is looking for a great caterer we used "ME AND MY TEA ROOM"!! they cooked the fried chicken right there on site so it was fresh! Everyone loved it :)

I think these guys agree..
Whats better than enjoying country food and listening to a blue grass band at a reception!?!

This is our fabulous "cupcake" table
Since im not a huge wedding cake lover I decided I wanted cupcakes...We have the BEST little bakery here in Memphis that speciallizes in cupcakes.."MUDDYS BAKESHOP"!! They made my favorite cupcake, 'Prozac', into a cutting cake for our pictures!

My Mom made the cute signs for each flovor and Darris made the awesome cake stands out of wood!YUUUM!!!

Well thank you for taking your time and enjoying this day with us!
We have been married almost 5 months now and it has been a BLAST!! Hopefully I'll share some more pictures and stories soon :)


  1. I'm your first comment on your blog!!! Yea! You did a great job. Can't wait to read more.

  2. Wasn't it a gorgeous wedding day! Nice memories. Makes me tear up again looking at the pictures. You were a beautiful bride. Not to mention the wedding was beautiful, it was FUN...even in the dark...I mean by candlelight.

  3. Good grief Shawn...UPDATE YOUR BLOG!!!!!

  4. OH MY WORD! What a beautiful wedding! OK so I am going to need to know if your mom has an etsy show wow is she creative or what? Holy Moly! You make a beautiful couple and I am a new follower I can't wait to see more! I am sure you got some of your mom's creativity! So I need to see what you create! Have a fabulous day filled with sparkle because remember some girls were just born with glitter in their veins!